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History and contents
ZOBODAT (Zoological Botanical Database, formerly ZOODAT) is a digitally organised biogeographical database including analysis, documentation and communication facilities. Founded by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ernst Rudolf Reichl in 1972, ZOBODAT was taken over by the province of Upper Austria in 1999 and is located at the Biology Centre of the Upper Austrian State Museum. The database contains data on the distribution of animal and plant species and diverse supporting digital libraries. Traditionally most of the data refers to insects and geographically to Austria. However, ZOBODAT can be used for all organism groups and worldwide. At this time some Biology Centre data records that already exist in digital form are not yet completely integrated into ZOBODAT. This applies to part of the entomology collection and part of the invertebrate collection not including insects. As newly set goals besides the traditional representation of distributions on maps, user-friendly analysis possibilities were developed, making rapid inquiries of information on species, geographical areas and area-specific nature protection questions possible. Gradated user access makes differentiated data security possible. ZOBODAT is to be expanded into a user-friendly information system for scientists, nature protection authorities and the public.
ZOBODAT Web 2 Team:
Sabine Hajnal, Interactive Systems - Logo, Grafics, Design
Andreas Link, Interactive Systems - Conzept, HTML-Code
Michael Malicky, Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum/Biologiezentrum - Conzept, PHP-Code, Database
Robbin Knapp, English translation
Suggestions for citation
Individual data records:
Biogeographical data: ZOBODAT (yyyy/mm/dd): Biogeographical data record number: zzzzzz
(yyyy Year, mm Month, dd Day of search, zzzzzz Observation number)
Biographical data: ZOBODAT (yyyy/mm/dd): Person: zzzzzz
(yyyy Year, mm Month, dd Day of search, zzzzzz Name of person)
Literature: ZOBODAT (yyyy/mm/dd): Literature citation: zzzzzz
(yyyy Year, mm Month, dd Day of search, zzzzzz Citation)
More than one data record:
Biogeographical data: ZOBODAT (yyyy/mm/dd): Biogeographical search
Biographical data: ZOBODAT (yyyy/mm/dd): Person search
Literature: ZOBODAT (yyyy/mm/dd): Literature search: (yyyy Year, mm Month, dd Day of search)
Data capture
Data capture
1) Data paper form
2) Access97 form
3) Free format
1,2) Please contact the ZOBODAT administrator
3) The data will be recoded and therefore data capture may consume a lot of time
DI Michael Malicky
Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum/Biologiezentrum
Johann-Wilhelm-Klein Straße 73
4040 Linz
Tel.: +43/(0)732/7720-52333
Fax: +43/(0)732/7720-252199
Mobile: +43/(0)664/60072523-33
E-mail: m.malicky@landesmuseum.at
Conditions of use
With each use of data in a presentation, print publication or other form of publication as well as passing on to third persons is ZOBODAT to be cited. Passing on the data made available may not take place for payment. When using the data for a print publication an offprint is to be sent to the Upper Austrian State Museum, Biology Centre.
The publisher of these web pages does not make any guarantee on the currency, correctness, completeness or quality of the information made available. The risk of using these data is that of the user of the data. Liability claims of any kind are excluded. The publisher of these web pages reserves the right to change parts of the pages or the entire offer without separate notice, or to delete or cancel the publication from time to time or altogether.
Version 1.0.0 25.07.2000 "Hyperion"
Version 1.1.0 12.01.2001 "Omega"
Version 1.2.0 15.12.2003 "Warlock"
Version 2.0.0 30.11.2006 "Tinashi"
Version 2.1.0 15.01.2007 "Sharlin"
Version 2.2.0 31.07.2007 "White Star"
Version 2.3.0 15.10.2007 "Valen II"
Version 2.4.0 01.01.2008 "Excalibur"
Version 2.x.x

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