Viridiplantae Spermatophyta Monocotyledoneae Hyacinthaceae Ornithogalum

Ornithogalum montanum Cirillo ex Ten.

Occurrence ID: 100395557
det.: Mario Martinez Azorin
date: 10.2013 (


location: prov. di Reggio di Calabria; eastern part of Serre Catanzaresi, 5-7 km WNW of Bivongi; track from Ferdinandea to Cascate die Marmarico
federal state: Kalabrien
country: Italien
geographic coordinates: 38° 30' 31" N, 16° 26' 46" O
sea level: 600m - 1060m
Barcode: 01279849


leg.: Ernst Vitek, Wien
date: 7.6.1997 (


coll.: des OÖ. Landesmuseums (LI)


collection code: 97-138