Metazoa Chordata Aves Podicipediformes Podicipedidae Podiceps

Podiceps cristatus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Occurrence ID: 10571593
det.: Norbert Teufelbauer, Wien
date: unknown
number: 15
age: ind
behaviour (birds): O


location: "Attersee"1
federal state: Oberösterreich
country: Österreich
site of observation: Attersee b. Weyregg
altitude of breeding burrow: 469
geographic coordinates: 47° 52' 30" N, 13° 34' 30" O
accuracy (meters): 500m
sea level: 469m - 470m
MTB (Messtischblatt): 8047/3


date: 10.10.2000 (