Metazoa Chordata Aves Piciformes Picidae Picus

Picus canus Gmelin, 1788

Occurrence ID: 6668245
det.: Robbin Knapp, Ebensee; Werner Weißmair, Neuzeug
date: unknown
behaviour (birds): S


location: Au am Hallstättersee
federal state: Oberösterreich
country: Österreich
site of observation: Hallstätter See
altitude of breeding burrow: 510
geographic coordinates: 47° 36' 0" N, 13° 38' 0" O
accuracy (meters): 500m
sea level: 508m - 1000m
MTB (Messtischblatt): 8347/4
Habitat: SEE


date: 29.5.2004 (