Metazoa Chordata Aves Anseriformes Anatidae Anser

Anser albifrons (Scopoli, 1769)

Occurrence ID: 6797395
det.: Martin Plasser, Weißkirchen a.d.Traun
date: unknown
number: 1
behaviour (birds): O


location: Holzleiten b. Marchtrenk
federal state: Oberösterreich
country: Österreich
site of observation: Wibau Marchtrenk
altitude of breeding burrow: 290
geographic coordinates: 48° 11' 0" N, 14° 9' 0" O
accuracy (meters): 500m
sea level: 290m - 290m
MTB (Messtischblatt): 7850/2


date: 7.1.2007 (