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John Alexander Harvie-Brown

* 27.8.1844 Edinburgh, GB
† 26.7.1916

John Alexander Harvie-Brown

Son of John HARVIE and Elizabeth SPOTTISWOODE. He was educated at Merchiston and at the university of Edinburgh. Already as a student he had a passion for field sports and natural history. At Cambridge university he became befriended with Prof. A. NEWTON and wanted to become collector for the Smithsonian museum in the US. But his father objected that idea. Later J.A. became heir to the Stirlingshire estates and devoted his life to natural history, shooting and fishing. He never married. HARVIE-BROWN was well known as a humorous, generous and social man involved in local politics and social welfare. In 1892 he founded and co-edited together with J.W.H. TRAIL and W. E. CLARKE the Annals of Scottish Natural History. He got involved in many faunistic publications about Scotland and was engaged in the exploration of the Hebrides, Orkneys and Shetlands by use of his own yacht. During the 1870s he travelled to Norway, Transsylvania, Archangelsk and the Pechora valley, sometimes together with A.R. ALSTON and H. SEEBOHM. He built up vast collections of bird skins and eggs, stones and toilet soaps which were accommodated in Dunipace, Scotland, but destroyed by fire in 1897. His library stayed intact and came to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh. HARVIE-BROWN became fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Zoological Societies of Edinburgh and London as well as honorary member of the American Ornithologists’ Union. In 1912 he got an honorary degree from the University of Aberdeen. Having written nearly 250 articles about natural history he died in Dunipace in 1916.

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