Leon Humblot

* 3.6.1852 Nancy, France
† 20.3.1914

Leon Humblot

In 1883 the Musée d’histoire naturelle, Paris, sent HUMBLOT for investigating the flora and fauna of the islands of the Indian Ocean. He settled on the Comores Islands and started contracts with the local sultans in order to make the Comores Islands a French colony. These political adventures caused him and the French government a lot of troubles. HUMBLOT is commemorated in Humblotia flavirostris, Nectarinia humbloti, Ardea humbloti ...
His collection came to the Paris museum. There are also bird specimens at the museum in Liverpool (ex Coll. Tristram). Collections of beetles and butterflies were sold via Stevens/London in 1883.

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Pers. comm.: M. LOUETTE, Tervuren, Belgium, K. ROSELAAR, Amsterdam, NL, H. PIEPER,
Kiel, Germany, C. FISHER, Liverpool, UK

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