Wilhelm Schlüter
Photo with permission of A. SCHLÜTER, Germany

Wilhelm Schlüter

* 1828 Halle, Germany
† 25.4.1919

Wilhelm Schlüter

The name SCHLÜTER is well known as a famous German firm dealing with and supplying natural history objects. The firm was founded in 1853 by Wilhelm SCHLÜTER. His father Friedrich SCHLÜTER (died 1873) was a well known entomologist and malacologist. W. SCHLÜTER started a business career together with his brother Karl as owner of a paint and varnish factory. Contacts with ornithologists like NAUMANN, BALDAMUS and KLEINSCHMIDT and a keen interest in oology and bird specimens led to the foundation of the firm W. SCHLÜTER, natural history dealer in 1853. W. SCHLÜTER collected himself along the Save and Theiss rivers in 1865 and published his first supply catalogue in 1868. His younger brother Julius who emigrated to Brazil, colony Blumenau, and many other collectors like the GEISLER brothers in Australia and New Guinea and SCHRADER in the Middle East contributed in collecting for the huge demand of natural history specimens. Until 1914 SCHLÜTER dealt with all major museums and private collectors around the world.
His sons Willy (1866-1938) and Curt (22.9.1881-1.5.1944) who both studied natural sciences, led the firm since 1894 and 1912 respectively. Since 1924 the firm ran under Dr. SCHLÜTER & Dr. MASS. After the second world war the SCHLÜTER family started business in Winnenden, W Germany, „A. Schlüter K.G. Naturwissenschaftliche Lehrmittelanstalt“.

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Pers. comm.: U. MAMMEN Halle, A. SCHLÜTER, Winnenden, Germany

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