Illiesia 12

Series/Periodical/Journal: Illiesia

Editors: Boris Kondratieff, Colorado State University; Stanley Szczytko, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point; Kenneth Stewart, University of North Texas; Richard Baumann, Brigham Young University; Riley Nelson, Brigham Young University; Wolfram Graf, University of Agriculture, Vienna; John Brittain, Natural History Museums & Botanic Garden, University of Oslo; Takao Shimizu, Freshwater Benthos Associates, Inc.; Claudio Gilberto Froehlich, University of São Paulo; Charlie Nelson, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga; Peter P. Harper, University de Motreal
Publisher: Ignac Sivec, Slovenian Museum of Natural History, Presernova 20, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia; Bill P. Stark, Mississippi College, Box 4045, Dept. of Biology, Clinton, MS 39058, USA
History: 2005
Contents: Illiesia, the International Journal of Stonefly Research, publishes papers dealing with any area of plecopteran research. The Journal is published on the World Wide Web and printed by Mississippi College and the Slovenian Museum of Natural History, and it is freely available to all individuals and institutions. There are no page charges or reprint costs for contributors, thus the Journal provides an alternative to the high cost of publishing in many scientific journals. The on-line format permits inclusion of color figures, at no cost to the author, and it is possible to include large data sets, analyses and computerized sequences.
ISSN: 1855-5810
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