Metazoa Chordata Aves Charadriiformes Laridae Larus

Larus cachinnans x argentatus MISSING
Steppenmöwe x Silbermöwe


Occurrences (1)

  • Occurrence ID: 6896335
    47° 52' 0" N, 13° 32' 0" O
    (accy.: 500m)
    MTB (Messtischblatt): 8147/1
    sea level: 469m - 469m
    number: 1
    Larus cachinnans x argentatus MISSING, Steppenmöwe x Silbermöwe
    Österreich, Oberösterreich, "Attersee"5 - 14.11.2010

    site of observation: Attersee, altitude of breeding burrow: 469m, habitat: SEE, det.: Ralf Schwab, Obertshausen

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