Zoologischer Anzeiger 35

Series/Periodical/Journal: Zoologischer Anzeiger

Editors: Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Carsten Lüter, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Germany
E-Mail: carsten.lueter@mfn-berlin.de
Publisher: Verlag Elsevier
Url: http://www.journals.elsevier.com/zoologischer-anzeiger
Contents: A Journal of Comparative Zoology is devoted to comparative zoology with a special emphasis on morphology, systematics, biogeography and evolutionary ecology targeting metazoan taxa. The broader aim of the journal is to contribute to our understanding of the organismic world from an evolutionary perspective. The Zoologischer Anzeiger is one of the oldest zoological journals, founded in 1878 by Victor Carus, and merged with Zoologische Jahrbücher, Abteilung für Systematik, Ökologie und Geographie der Tiere.


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